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Sonoff ZBMINI Smart Ενδιάμεσος Διακόπτης ZigBee (M0802010009)


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Sonoff ZBMINI Smart Ενδιάμεσος Διακόπτης ZigBee (M0802010009)

SONOFF ZBMINI ZigBee Smart Switch

ZBMINI can be installed regardless of the type of junction box you are using. It is recommended that the switch should be installed outdoors rather than in a metal junction box.




Extend the connector of an external switch

With the Sonoff switch, you can work with different types of external switches to control devices such as, SPDT light switch. The switch is not compatible with wall touch switch and timer light switch.




Safety and comfort of use

The shell of the device is made of fire-resistant material, which reduces the risk of fire. In addition, the switch is CE and FCC certified. The ZigBee 3.0 protocol with AES-128 encryption makes the device’s data secure and inaccessible to unwanted eyes. The product is compatible with Amazon, Philips, Sonoff and Samsung.




ZBMINI ZigBee – ZBMINI Bridge – Signal Transmission Station

If you are often offline due to too much distance between your device and router, ZBMINI can be a ZigBee router to transmit signal between the devices.




Intelligent house thanks to Sonoff

Forgot to turn off the light? Don’t worry, the switch will do it for you. You can also set when the light should go on and when it should go off. Additionally, the device is compatible with the Alexa assistant so you don’t have to get up from the couch to turn off the light, Alexa will do it for you.



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