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Xiaomi Viomi Robot Vacuum Alpha UV S9 White EU (V-RVCLMD28D)


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Intelligent robot Viomi S9 Alpha – it will clean up your house for you!

The Viomi S9 Alpha Intelligent Robot will thoroughly clean the floors in your home while you deal with something else. With a suction power of up to 2700Pa, as well as a vacuuming and wet cleaning function, it will comprehensively and effectively clean every room. A special charging station and automatic emptying of the trash tank, working time of up to 220 minutes, as well as the function of intelligent room scanning and storing multiple maps make using this device extremely easy and pleasant.




It even copes with annoying dirt

Brought from Japan, the silent, brushless motor provides suction power up to 2700Pa. Thanks to this, the S9 Alpha can easily handle even the most cumbersome waste. It quickly gets rid of dust, hair and small debris. Its main brush is close enough to the floor to effectively clean it and suck in dirt even from small gaps between tiles or panels. It works equally well on carpets. Effective dust removal is supported by an advanced HEPA filtration system that turns your home into a clean, safe, allergen-free place.




No more emptying the waste bin

The intelligent Auto-Dumping 2.0 system enables automatic emptying of the waste container. This minimizes the risk of overfilling or blocking the tank. This danger is also reduced by the extremely short pipe, which is only 381mm long. The waste sack has a capacity of up to 3l – just replace it once a month. You don’t even have to remember about this – when the right time comes, the LED screen of the charging and emptying station will display a corresponding notification.




It will take care of your floors

The S9 Alpha can also mop floors. Thanks to an improved micropump it keeps the pressure constant and carefully controls the water flow, preventing it from leaking. Made of thin fibre, the exchangeable mop reduces your contact with dirt and helps you take care of your health. The 250 ml tank allows you to thoroughly wash floors with a total area of up to 250m2. Viomi S9 Alpha also offers 3-level flow rate adjustment.




You will be surprised by the long working time

Viomi S9 Alpha is equipped with a powerful 5200mAh battery. Thanks to it the device can operate for about 3.6 hours. In such a long time it will effectively clean floors with a total area of up to 320m2. You no longer have to worry about having to charge the robot too often. S9 Alpha can clean your house thoroughly several times after one charge!




Cleaning modes and routes tailored to your needs

Choose from 3 S9 Alpha modes to comprehensively clean the floors in your home. The robot can vacuum, wash or vacuum and wash them simultaneously. There are also 2 cleaning routes available – S and Y. The former is ideal for everyday use, allowing for quick and effective cleaning. The second means two-way cleaning, which allows you to get rid of even the most difficult dirt.




Explore the advantages of intelligent solutions

Equipped with an LDS 2.0 laser, the robot intelligently scans rooms and creates maps of them to optimally adapt cleaning routes, thus saving energy. The range of up to 8m and the frequency of 6×360°, 2016Hz make this functionality even more effective – the possible precision deviation does not exceed 2%. The Viomi S9 Alpha can also overcome obstacles of up to 2cm in height and avoid trapping under furniture. Nothing can stop it from cleaning your house!




Enjoy unlimited control

With the help of a special app you can plan detailed work schedules for the robot. It is possible not only to set the cleaning times for specific places, but also to adjust the appropriate suction power or water flow level. S9 Alpha remembers floor and room maps to clean them even more precisely. It automatically recognizes the rooms and tidies them up as you wish. You can also place virtual walls to prevent the device from getting into places that do not require vacuuming. And if you want to control your robot by voice, pair it with a special speaker, which is available for purchase separately.


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Βάρος 15 kg

2 'EΤΗ


LDS Smart Navigation

Κάλυψη Χώρου







57 dB


2800 Pa

Διάρκεια Μπαταρίας Αυτονομία


Διάρκεια Φόρτισης

300, min

Χωρητικότητα Κάδου

300 ml

Εύρος Τάσης

100-240V, 50/60, Hz, 0, 6A







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