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Xiaomi Dreame W10 Mop Σκούπα Ρομπότ με Wi-Fi White (W10MOP)


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Xiaomi Dreame W10 Mop Σκούπα Ρομπότ με Wi-Fi White (W10MOP)

Let technology do the cleaning for you, with the Dreame Bot W10

Packed with two swivel attachments and a maximum suction of up to 4000 Pa-it’s guaranteed to keep your home tidy. The W10 will tackle dirt and stubborn stains, and the 10 N pressure on the mop pads, which rotate 180 times per minute, will ensure a thorough cleaning.

Select the appropriate mode

Choosing one of the 3 modes in the app – vacuuming, mopping or 2-in-1 – allows you to create the perfect cleaning program for your needs. Vacuum your carpets, mop your floors, and use the 2-in-1 option to keep your flat surfaces completely clean.

Intelligent carpet solution

Dreame Bot W10 has an ultrasonic carpet detection function. When vacuuming, it will automatically switch to maximum suction power to fully clean the surface effectively. When mopping floors, it will intelligently bypass the carpet to avoid wetting the fabric.

Design and practicality

W10 has been designed with the most demanding home users in mind. By giving the device a D shape, it becomes possible to get close enough to the walls to thoroughly clean in every corner. The side brush will catch dirt near the edges, while the 19.2 cm roller will work on a larger area.

Just click

W10 will remember the map of your home. Personalize cleaning according to your needs, instead of having to clean the entire living area each time. Simply click and select the room that requires vacuuming!

Modern Navigation System

Dreame Bot W10 updates the surrounding map 12 times faster than its predecessors. That’s thanks to improvements to its LiDAR-based SLAM navigation system, which works even in the dark. The device also plans regular cleaning paths and remembers maps of as many as 3 floors.

Tell Alexa to clean for you

Vacuuming has never been so easy. Have your apartment cleaned by voice, thanks to Alexa, without turning on your phone.

Big capacity, huge range

Two 4-liter water tanks, one to efficiently refill before cleaning and another to empty the W10 after work, will eliminate the need for frequent fluid changes in the device. The robust 6400 mAh battery allows you to clean up to 300 m² on a single charge.

Automatic cleaning

When W10 detects that its brushes require cleaning, it instinctively returns to its position. The brushes are then sprayed with water and cleaned with a quick spin. At the same time, the nozzle at the bottom of the stand pumps the dirty water into a dedicated tank to avoid re-contamination and mixing of fluids.

Cleanliness is health

When the Dreame Bot W10 finishes its work and returns to its station, its mops are rinsed and dried with hot air. This process will not only ensure the unit is clean and ready for the next cleaning, but it will also prevent mold and rule out the possibility of bacteria growth.

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Βάρος 9 kg

2 'EΤΗ


με, Αισθητήρες, &, Χαρτογράφηση

Κάλυψη Χώρου






65 dB


4000 Pa

Διάρκεια Μπαταρίας Αυτονομία

150 min

Διάρκεια Φόρτισης

240 min

Χωρητικότητα Κάδου

570 ml

Εύρος Τάσης

100-240V, 50/60, Hz, 0, 6A







Κωδικός EAN


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