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Xiaomi Dreame V10 Επαναφορτιζόμενο Σκουπάκι Stick 25.2V (VVN3)


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Dreame V10


The sensational Dreame V10 cordless vertical vacuum cleaner is designed to facilitate monotonous cleaning. The unique design of the device will allow you to breathe and relax during use. It is also very handy and weighs only 2 kg. Careful workmanship, discreet operation of the engine and huge power guarantee incredible efficiency.

An ergonomic future

The variety of cleaning equipment gives us a huge choice. The Dreame V10 vertical vacuum cleaner consists of a reliable motor with dirt container and a tube with brush, so the suction power is compared to a corded vacuum cleaner. Nothing complicated and at the same time it provides great comfort and efficiency. Three operating modes are available: Economy mode, Standard mode and Maximum mode, which allows you to clean at maximum speed for 10 minutes.


Thoughtful design

The Dreame V10 conductorlessness provides comfort, but above all safety during use. Even after assembling, its weight does not exceed 2 kg, which makes it very light. Additionally, thanks to its construction you can hide it almost everywhere, so that it does not interfere with the daytime operation.

Maximum functionality

Gentle for hard floors, ruthless for dirt. The roller with an electro brush is covered with a soft cashmere cloth, so it is able to collect larger dirt, while carbon fibre bristles with antistatic properties remove dust particles. Thanks to the drive hidden in the roller, the electro brush introduces nylon bristles into the carpet to remove deeply hidden dirt. The motor is placed above the handle, so the center of gravity is in a place that makes it easier to clean inaccessible and high surfaces. With just one click it quickly turns from a vertical vacuum to a handheld vacuum and vice versa.

Wide range of applications
The long working time allows you to clean the whole car. The vacuum cleaner will reach all the hard-to-reach places inside the car, ensuring extremely effective operation. In addition, you can place the vacuum cleaner in the trunk, for example, to be at hand in any situation. The mini electric brush collects pet hair from the upholstery and removes deeply rubbed dirt in the carpet, both at home and in the car. Three power modes allow you to choose the right force, depending on your needs.

The Highest quality
The powerful brushless motor reaches up to 100,000 rpm. Now the vacuum cleaner works even longer and more efficiently, thanks to a motherboard that allows it to reach 450 watts of power and suction power up to 22000 PA. The unit is equipped with a HEPA filter, which guarantees 99% fine dust filtration. The Dreame V10 is equipped with a 6-layer noise reduction system that allows the unit to work quietly and quietly during vacuuming.

Intelligent system
The smallest and lightest, yet the most powerful vacuum cleaner motor produced by Dreame. The device monitors the state of the battery in real time and adjusts the power supply using the Space 3.0 drive. Precise positioning of the motor, container and cyclone allows air to flow in a straight line directly from the electro brush to the cyclones. This solution, combined with the stronger V10 digital rotor, increases suction power by 20% compared to the previous model. In addition, the built-in cooling system is combined with a suitably designed exhaust duct to achieve economic heat dissipation.

Impressive details
You can dispose of all dust and dirt in the waste garbage can without any contact with the waste, thanks to the built-in emptying button. Uncomplicated installation ensures quick handling and easy switching is possible with the convenient snap fasteners. Simply plug the vacuum cleaner into a station that can be mounted on the wall. It is just as easy to take it out later and start cleaning. The station also has a compartment for additional tips so that they are always at hand.
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Βάρος 6 kg



Υγρό Καθάρισμα


Διάρκεια Χρήσης

60 min

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25,2 V

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