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Xiaomi Dreame T30 Επαναφορτιζόμενο Σκουπάκι Stick 29.6V (VVT1)


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Dreame T30 cordless vertical vacuum cleaner

The Dreame T30 makes cleaning fast and comfortable. With 27,000 Pa of suction power, the vacuum thoroughly picks up even the smallest micron-sized debris. With the LED display, you have the access to information such as, for example, dust levels or installation errors, and solid, replaceable battery guarantees long working time. The LED-illuminated nozzle makes it easy to clean dark corners, and the ultra-lightweight carbon fiber construction allows you to comfortably clean spaces up high.

SPACE 5.0 Smart engine

For even better cleaning results, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with Dreame’s latest SPACE 5.0 Smart motor, which features high performance. The T30 reaches 150,000 revolutions per minute. It deep cleans and removes debris such as hair, dust and crumbs, while maintaining consistent suction power – 27000Pa.

Achieves the best cleaning results

The 12-cyclone cleaning system filters 99.67% of particles without losing suction power. Airflow is not blocked, thanks to improved technology. The battery is protected, thanks to Smart Cool technology, to ensure longer and deeper cleaning. And, the 8-stage noise reduction system makes the operation quieter and less annoying.

Intelligent suction power adjustment

Dreame T30 has an automatic mode, so it detects even the smallest dirt and automatically adjusts the suction power for more efficient cleaning and longer run time. The vacuum cleaner also stands out for its very fast response time. T30 detects dirt in 0.5 seconds. T30 takes care of any type of surface. It collects dust and other dirt on hard surfaces and automatically increases the suction power on carpets by penetrating the carpet fibers.

Ergonomic design

Dreame wanted to make the use of the T30 as comfortable as possible. The carbon fiber nozzle helped to reduce the weight of the device, so vacuuming at heights, for example, cleaning curtains will be comfortable. The ergonomic design allows you to comfortably vacuum the space under furniture. The Dreame T30 is also perfect for car cleaning thanks to the included accessories. The power lock button allows you to lock the continuous mode, so you won’t strain your fingers.

Accessories included

With the accessories included in the packing list, cleaning will be even easier. The flexible extension tool makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach places, for example, shelves. The soft brush helps to clean delicate surfaces, for example, air vents or computer keyboards. The crevice nozzle with LED light will make it much easier to clean dark corners, and the 2-in-1 nozzle will help you clean narrow crevices.

V-shaped brush

With Dreame, cleaning becomes much easier. The larger diameter of the nozzle and its improved tip effectively prevents short and medium length hair from getting tangled. Meanwhile, the V-shaped design collects longer hairs and removes them more efficiently.

Ultra-long runtime

The T30 cordless vacuum cleaner has a replaceable lithium-ion battery that it’s life is 4 times longer than the life of a regular battery. The device is equipped with 3 modes of operation. During the economy mode, you can use the device for 90 minutes cleaning, for example, a larger house. The standard mode is 35 minutes, which is enough time to clean your home. The 7.5 minute turbo mode is perfect for cleaning your car.

Removes 99.9% of dust mites

T30 is a guarantee of a clean space for you and your family. The vacuum effectively removes 99.9% of dust mites. The 5-stage filtration system stops 99.97% of dirt and allergens as small as 0.3 microns and prevents them from re-entering the air.

Cleaning under control

The Dreame T30 has a smart HD display that you can use to keep track of how the device is working. The screen displays information such as cleaning data, for example, the current operating mode or suction power. You can even check the current dust level. You also have the option to switch the suction power mode. The display also tells you the remaining running time, so you don’t have to worry about the battery running down suddenly. The display also reminds you to change the filter or encounter installation errors, so you are always up-to-date. 

Thoughtful and modern design

T30 is a very easy to maintain device. The dust container, filters and rotating brushes are reusable, saving you money on buying new components. The 600ml dust container reduces the frequency of emptying it, and the release button will help you avoid direct contact with dirt. The charging station also acts as an organizer for your accessories, so you have everything at hand. You also don’t have to worry about incorrectly installing the device’s components, for example, the filter, as the built-in LED display will notify you about any error. On the other hand, the grey modern design gives the T30 an elegant and luxurious look.

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29,6 V

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