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Xiaomi Dreame Robot Vacuum D9 White EU (RLS5-WH0)


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Dreame D9 – new generation cleaning robot

Dreame D9 is an advanced cleaning robot that combines all the best features of similar devices. With up to 3000 Pa suction power, the ability to vacuum and mop at the same time and intelligent room scanning with the modern LDS laser, it guarantees precise and effective cleaning of every home. Thanks to 13 sensors, the device easily adapts to your home. D9 will also surprise you with its long working time of up to 150 minutes.




Precisely scans the room

Thanks to the use of breakthrough navigation technology, the robot instantly and precisely scans rooms, creates maps, detects obstacles and optimally plans cleaning routes. This is made possible by an advanced 3.0 LDS laser and SLAM algorithm for increased accuracy. Dreame D9 can memorize up to 3 floor maps. It also easily overcomes obstacles up to 20 mm high such as thresholds or carpets. Almost nothing can stop it!




Stores maps that you can edit

Use the map editing function to optimize the robot and adapt it to your requirements. You can precisely divide and name rooms, as well as plan cleaning schedules. You also have, among other things, the possibility to designate specific areas to clean, forbidden zones that should not be mopped, and put up virtual walls to, for example, block D9 access to your child’s room.




Reliable in the fight against dirt

The robot offers up to 4 vacuuming modes, so you can easily adjust the suction power to the degree of dirt on the floor. Its brushless motor imported from Japan guarantees unparalleled performance and quiet operation, and the improved HEPA filter perfectly deals with up to 99.7% of microscopic particles, allowing you to effectively take care of the cleanliness of the entire home. The ultra-thin brush, which is easy to clean, quickly and accurately sweeps up waste into a tank that holds as much as 570ml. What’s more, the D9 automatically detects carpets and increases the pressure while vacuuming them to remove crumbs or hair even more effectively.




Clean the floors in your home

It can also mop your floors. With its 270ml water tank, it can clean an area of up to 200m2. The D9 is suitable for smaller homes as well as larger ones. Mopping with this unique robot eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria, providing you and your loved ones with a healthy living environment. In addition, the 3 available water flow levels allow you to adjust the intensity of the cleaning according to how dirty your floors are.




Powerful battery

Dreame D9 is equipped with a 5200 mAh battery and intelligent BMS management system. Thanks to this, the robot is distinguished by an impressively long working time, which is enough to thoroughly clean floors of up to 250m2. So after one charge the device can really do a lot. What’s more, if the battery is about to run out, the D9 will remember where it stopped cleaning, and after recharging, it will continue from that point.




Great for your home

With 13 smart sensors, the robot can move freely and confidently in almost any home. The D9 avoids stairs and falls, doesn’t collide with furniture, minimizes the risk of getting stuck, and cleans corners and edges more effectively. No need to worry – this practical appliance will find its way around your home and clean it thoroughly.




Discover the benefits of remote control

Did you know that you can also control the robot from a distance? A special app allows you to conveniently adjust the suction power and water flow level, plan your cleaning schedules, edit maps, and check the battery status, among other things. Dreame D9 is also compatible with Amazon Alexa – pair it with your assistant to enjoy convenient voice control.


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Πλοήγηση με Αισθητήρες & Χαρτογράφηση

Κάλυψη Χώρου







64 dB


3000 Pa

Διάρκεια Μπαταρίας Αυτονομία

150 min

Διάρκεια Φόρτισης

210 min

Χωρητικότητα Κάδου

570 ml

Εύρος Τάσης

100-240V, 50/60, Hz, 0, 6A







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