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Xiaomi Dreame Robot Vacuum D10 Plus EU (RLS3D)


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Xiaomi Dreame Robot Vacuum D10 Plus EU (RLS3D)

Robot vacuum cleaner Dreame D10 Plus

Make yourself comfortable while cleaning. You will be helped by the Dreame D10 Plus cleaning robot that vacuums, mops and automatically empties the dust container. The bag capacity (2.5 l) means you don’t have to change it for up to 45 days. The robot adapts the suction power to the surface to be cleaned, reaching a maximum of up to 4000 Pa. It also benefits from the improved design of the revolving brush, which makes it easier to pick up hair and pet hair, and from the powerful battery that can clean up to 270 m² on a single charge.


45 days without emptying

After each cleaning, the Dreame D10 Plus returns to the emptying station and automatically removes dust from the tank. The bag placed in the station stands out with an impressive capacity of 2.5 l, so you don’t have to change it for up to 45 days. So you can forget about manual dust removal, and thanks to the sealed design, dust and dirt do not enter the air. Emptying takes just 10 seconds and is noiseless. Importantly, you can adjust the frequency of emptying the dust container via the app.


4 power levels

The Dreame D10 Plus cleaning robot stands out with its maximum suction power of 4000 Pa, so it thoroughly picks up dirt, crumbs, pet hair or hair. Importantly, the robot offers 4 levels of suction, and each level will work in a different situation. 800 Pa is enough to pick up dust and small debris with a low noise level. 1200 Pa will be suitable for daily crumbs and hair, while 1800 Pa will handle larger debris. Maximum power will enable you to vacuum crevices and carpets with precision.


Improved brush design

Thanks to the rotary brush, which has been extended by 17 cm, the robot is perfectly capable of picking up long hair and pet hair. This is thanks to its V-shaped design and the densely spaced 0.1 mm thick bristles. As a result, the hair and hairs collected do not get tangled and daily cleaning becomes easy and pleasant. This is ideal for dog or cat lovers.


Convenient mopping

The Dreame D10 Plus also offers a mopping function. It comes with a dense-fibre mop pad for effective stain removal and fast drying of the floor. The water tank has a capacity of 145 ml, but the robot allows you to work on three levels. So you can adjust the amount of water according to how dirty your floor is, and all it takes is a dedicated app to do so.


Intelligent cleaning

The robot uses an intelligent LiDAR navigation system with a highly advanced SLAM algorithm to provide fast scanning, accurate mapping and efficient route planning. You can map up to 3 floors and manage the cleaning of specific rooms. Is your child asleep? Skip his room and use the time to clean the floors in the other rooms.


Long working hours

You don’t have to charge your cleaning robot every day to enjoy a clean home and efficient waste collection. Dreame D10 Plus is equipped with a powerful 5200 mAh battery. This allows you to use the device for up to 180 minutes on a single charge. During this time, you can easily clean up to 270 m² of floor space.


Additional features

What else does the D10 Plus offer? Quiet operation, Amazon Alexa compatibility, and a resume cleaning function. If the battery charge is too low, the robot will automatically renew the energy in the charging station and return to its previous location to finish cleaning. The Dreame D10 Plus also features an intelligent function to avoid furniture, stairs and other obstacles.


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Βάρος 15 kg

2 'EΤΗ


LDS Smart Navigation

Κάλυψη Χώρου







57 dB


4000 Pa

Διάρκεια Μπαταρίας Αυτονομία


Διάρκεια Φόρτισης

300, min

Χωρητικότητα Κάδου

400 ml

Εύρος Τάσης

100-240V, 50/60, Hz, 0, 6A







Κωδικός EAN


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