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Xiaomi Deerma KZ100 Φριτέζα Αέρος με Αποσπώμενο Κάδο 3lt (DEM-KZ100)


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Xiaomi Deerma KZ100 Φριτέζα Αέρος με Αποσπώμενο Κάδο 3lt (DEM-KZ100)

Using the Deerma deep fryer you can prepare tasty and healthy food without using a lot of fat. Thanks to KZ100 meals will be digestible and low in calories. Moreover, the use of advanced technology makes prepared food juicy and soft on the inside, and crunchy on the outside. Moreover, thanks to its 1000W power, it takes less time to cook a meal, and the 3-litre capacity compartment allows you to prepare a meal for 2-4 people.

Easy to prepare food

Fish, fries, cake – you can prepare these other meals with the KZ100. The Deerma device allows you not only to fry, but also to bake. You can also use the available modes and adjust the temperature and time. With KZ100 cooking becomes easy and fun!

Tasty and healthy

The Deerma fat-free fryer will allow you to prepare delicious meals. It has a temperature sensor that allows you to keep it at a high level. Moreover, the device heats up quickly, so cooking is fast, and the prepared meat is juicy and crispy on the outside.

Efficient operation

Another advantage of the Deerma greaseless fryer is the double turbofan. With its help, hot air is distributed in all directions and food is heated evenly. This makes it easy to prepare tasty meals.

Touch display

The fryer is equipped with a touch screen display, through which you will gain access to the most important functions and settings. You can easily set the time and temperature, or modes of operation. This way you can conveniently prepare pizza, cake, fries, fish, or meat.

For the whole family

With the KZ100 you can prepare a meal for the whole family. The capacity of the chamber is 3l, which translates to about 2-4 portions. You can even bake a whole chicken with it, and the special coating of the tray prevents food from sticking to it. You don’t have to worry about getting burned, either. The housing of the fryer is great at insulating heat and preventing heat loss.

Control your device’s operation

Using the KZ100, you can check the status of the meal you are preparing at any time. What’s more, the fryer remembers your last settings, so you don’t have to re-enter them. The appliance will automatically stop working if you open the food basket and will resume when you put it back in. In addition, the special handle is responsible for comfortable handling of KZ100 and does not heat up.

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Βάρος 6 kg


1500 W

Χωρητικότητα Κάδου

3 lt

Δυνατότητες & Λειτουργίες

Αποσπώμενος Κάδος, Μαγείρεμα με Αέρα, Ρυθμιζόμενος Θερμοστάτης



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