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Xiaomi Deerma Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (DX800)


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Xiaomi Deerma Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (DX800)

Deerma DX800 – Practical vacuum cleaner for special tasks


The Deerma DX800 vertical vacuum cleaner will make it easy and effective to vacuum any space. It can be used in two ways which makes it versatile and does not require other vacuum cleaners. Cleaning both the house and the car should not be a problem, and the ease of use and quiet operation is one of the many advantages.




Light cleaning


The system used, which gives the possibility to wear the device on a belt during operation, reduces the perceived weight of the vacuum cleaner. The cleaning brush weighs only 0.2 kg and will make the work easier even if it lasts extremely long, without causing fatigue.




For every need.


The vacuum cleaner has two operating modes: manual and vertical. Wearing the device on the shoulder gives you easier access to hard to reach places such as high tops or corners under the ceiling. Using the vacuum cleaner in a vertical orientation is designed for comfortable vacuuming of floors and carpets.


Four-fold filtration


The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a dust reflector function which prevents the filters from being clogged by dust or dust that can reduce suction power. A special system allows four times filtration to reduce noise and clean the air.




An effective filter for years

To ensure constant cleanliness of the device it is enough to wash the filter under running water, its properties will not change..

Ring brush

The ring type suction brush is the ideal choice to easily and effectively vacuum the floor from even the smallest of dirt. The special shape increases effectiveness through a larger working range and reaches inaccessible corners.



Special task brush


The 2 cm long soft bristle brush is ideal for manual use. This type of tip is suitable for delicate surfaces that are easy to scratch such as wooden tops, windows or leather armchairs.


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Ισχύς: 600W Χωρητικότητα δεξαμενής: 0.8L Θόρυβος: <75dB Μήκος καλωδίου: 4.5m Υλικό κατασκευής: ABS/PC



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