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Xiaomi CW400 Ασύρματη IP Camera Αδιάβροχη (BHR7624GL)


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85.00 με Φ.Π.Α.

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4MP with large aperture Ultra-clear 2.5K picture quality
4MP, 2.5K ultra-clear imaging featuring an f/1.6 large aperture lens with a high-performance image sensor. Get brighter, clearer details with higher-quality imagery.
*2.5K: horizontal resolution more than 2500 pixels; resolution: 2560 x 1440
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400
Four-light, smart full-colour night vision Truly clear images, even in the dark nights
Capture colourful pictures even in low-light environments. The built-in white lights automatically light up when a human is recognised at night.
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400
Infrared light
Two lights
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400
White light
Two lights
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400
Full-colour night vision
Infrared night vision
Professional design with IP66 water resistance Ready for tough-weather conditions
The professional outdoor IP66 water resistant design ensures reliable outdoor use and easily handles complex outdoor environments.
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400
Horizontal and vertical dual gimbals More flexible and reliable
Dual gimbal design with a 360° horizontal view and 160° vertical view to provide a complete security solution.
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400
High-gain dual-antenna design Enhanced, clearer Wi-Fi signal
The built-in high-gain dual-antenna design ensures long-distance stability of the camera network, increasing the transmission distance.
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400
Two-way voice calling to make conversation easier Smart noise cancellation for any outdoor environment
Featuring a built-in high-sensitivity microphone and a high-quality, high-power speaker. Easily pick up sound from long distances so that your dialogues are as clear as if you were communicating face-to-face.
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400
Thank you. Please leave it at the door.
AI human detection to effectively filter out false alarms Warning you only when a person is detected
When a human is detected in the field of view, the new generation AI human detection algorithm automatically starts recording video alarms and sends a reminder to your smartphone.
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400
Audible and visual warning, active defence Instant alarms sent to your smartphone
When the camera detects someone in the monitoring area, it will automatically trigger an audible alarm with flashing lights, driving away potential intruders. It will also simultaneously send an alarm message to Mi Home app/Xiaomi Home app.
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400
You have entered a monitoring area.
Time-lapse photography Record your wonderful memories
Turn on the time-lapse photography function and let the camera condense and present the details. Create something great from outdoor splendor.
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400
MJA1 security chip Maximum privacy and safety
Each MJA1 security chip has its own private key and certificate to ensure communication and storage security.
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400
Local and cloud dual storage Double protection of critical information
Store video recordings through various storage methods, including local microSD card* and automatic loop recording. Videos can also be stored via a cloud storage service. Once the service is activated, videos are automatically uploaded to the cloud, and monitoring functions such as AI facial recognition and dynamic real-time video recording are simultaneously enabled.
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400
Cloud storage service
Unlimited storage, video encryption
(Paid service)
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400
microSD Card
Support up to 256GB
(Must be purchased separately)
*Support microSD cards with a capacity of up to 256GB; microSD cards with a capacity of 64GB and above may need to be formatted with the camera before use. Monitoring functions such as AI facial recognition and dynamic real-time video recording require cloud storage to be enabled. Facial recognition must be enabled manually, while cloud dynamic video storage is enabled automatically.
Ceiling, side, and pole mounting Flexible installation for any outdoor setting
Three installation methods are available: ceiling, side or pole mounting. Users can choose the installation method they require.
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400
Ceiling mounting
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400
Side mounting
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Cw400
Pole mounting
*If the installation method of pole mounting is chosen, the 8mm mounting hoops must be purchased separately.
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Συμπίεση Βίντεο


Ταχύτητα Λήψης (fps)

25 fps

Τύπος Αποθηκευτικού Μέσου

microSD Card

Μέγιστη Χωρητικότητα


Smartphone App


Τύπος Αισθητήρα



Διάφραγμα: F3.2





Ανιχνευτής Κίνησης



WiFi IEEE 802.11 b / g / n 2.4GHz

Wireless Standard

802.11 b/g/n

Συχνότητα Λειτουργίας



Έξοδος: 5V 1A



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