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Xiaomi Deerma Fan FD200 (FD200)


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Xiaomi Deerma Fan FD200 (FD200)

The Deerma FD200 Circulation Fan not only generates a cool, refreshing breeze but also allows for even air circulation. It offers 4 modes of operation and 15 speeds to choose from. It is perfect even in large rooms – its range is up to 9m. It can automatically rotate to the right and left, as well as tilt up and down. Thanks to its adjustable height, the device can be used as a floor or desk fan. The included remote control allows its convenient remote operation.


Discover the benefits of a circulation fan

What is the difference between an ordinary fan and a circulation fan? The latter does not direct the airflow directly at the user, but provides effective air circulation, allowing you to maintain the temperature throughout the room at an optimal level. It also avoids unpleasant odors. The FD200 circulation fan provides high airflow and the right air speed. With this practical device you can cool a room of about 20m2 in just 2 minutes!


15 speed levels and 4 operating modes

Customize the fan’s operation to suit your needs. The FD200 allows you to choose from 4 operating modes and up to 15 speeds. Baby mode connects to the first speed level – perfect for a baby’s room, for example. Natural mode joins speeds 1-7 and offers a gentle, natural breeze and provides a pleasant refreshment. Circulation mode connects with speeds 8-14. Strong mode connects with speed 15, lets you enjoy a quick cool down and guarantees excellent air circulation.


Perfect in combination with other devices

The circulating fan can be used in combination with other devices such as a humidifier, air conditioner or heater, for example. In this way it will allow you to create even better conditions in the room. It will make it possible to even out the temperature in the entire room and will help maintain optimal humidity levels. Now you can easily create a friendly, safe environment in your home!


Timer function

Want to adjust the fan’s operation to your habits and lifestyle even better? Now it is possible! FD200 offers a timer function – you can set it to automatically turn off after a set amount of time (in the range of 1-12 hours). This way you can be sure that the device only works when you really need it – thus reducing energy consumption and saving money. Say goodbye to high electricity bills!


Thoughtful design

The device was designed in such a way that you can freely adjust its height. Thanks to this, it can be used not only as a floor fan, but also as a desk fan. You can successfully use it while working, cooking or relaxing. FD200 can also automatically rotate left and right (90°) and tilt up and down (85°). This gives you the confidence that every corner of the room will be optimally cooled.


Easy and convenient operation

The kit also includes a small remote control, which allows you to conveniently control the fan from a distance. You no longer have to get up from your chair or couch every time! Simply press a button to, for example, turn the device on or off, start the timer, or select an operating mode. The range of the remote control is up to 5m. The touch panel on the base of the fan also allows for convenient operation.

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